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Help With Creative Writing Papers

Personal Writing: Christmas Memories
[ view this term paper ]Words: 548 | Pages: 2

... lights. As I open the door and step into a house full of cheek pinches and hugs, an array of Christmas odur engulfs me, and makes my mouth water. As I yell "HELLO" I hear voices laughing, talking, and asking who's at the door? In the next second "Millions" of relatives are giving me there greetings and gladly inviting us into the house. As my family and I are quickly made comfortable, I look around..... Plates full of Christmas pastries, Christmas decorations, and Christmas music lightly penetrates the air as the family socializes with each other. The constant murmer of the voices, serves as a background f ...

Want To Be A Canadian?
[ view this term paper ]Words: 487 | Pages: 2

... do not forget to use a nice smell shampoo. When your hair gets a little wet, it'll release good smell. Mountain Equipment Coop: Do you know where you should get your rain jacket? "Mountain Equipment Coop" is where you should go. Look at our all teacher's rain jackets. Do you see any Mountain Equipment Coop jackets? Yeah, everyone is wearing them. The place to go : If you are a teenager, you should go to Lonsdale Quay on Weekend nights. Many North Van teenagers get together but I don't know what they are doing at there. Americans : I guess you know how you should deal with them. Try not to like the ...

Personal Writing: My Holiday
[ view this term paper ]Words: 866 | Pages: 4

... an aunt and uncle who lived in Bombay. We stayed there for three weeks and from there we went to a place called Pune, which is also in India. My father's friends also accompanied us on the holiday. We went to Pune by train and it took us about five hours to get there. I had not been feeling well and therefore, I was very restless during the train journey. Even then, I was very excited as it was my first train journey. I kept on looking out of the window and let out loud shrieks every time I saw a monkey in the trees. The scenery was beautiful as the train passed between two mountains. There were trees on either sid ...

Personal Writing: My American Dream
[ view this term paper ]Words: 402 | Pages: 2

... people dying from leprosy and seeing the disease spread; after seeing diseases caused by viruses carried by Black flies, I decided that I could do something to help people overcome some of these kinds of hardships. I set my hopes on becoming a part of the medical profession to help correct diseases so that people may have a healthy and better life. My father left my country to come to the United States looking for greener pastures. He wanted more for us than our country could offer. He worked very hard, and due to his effort, in March 1999 three of us joined him here in Washington, DC. Upon my arrival, I had t ...

Creative Story: Racing Along Walls
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3100 | Pages: 12

... garage at home. Joe, was working on his own car in the garage space next to mine. He was inspecting and cleaning the outside of his white 1993 Honda Civic SI. He had a soft cloth in one hand and a spray bottle of wax in the other. The hand with the soft cloth would wipe for ten seconds followed by the “sqshhh sqshhh” of the spray bottle. Always being the meticulous one, he continued his wipe and spray cycle for many hours to make sure his car was immaculate. As I turned one of the bolts clockwise to tighten it, I felt a sharp, searing pain on the upper portion of my hand. Instinctively, I swore, forgetting ...

Creative Writing: Unexpected Horizons
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1029 | Pages: 4

... sky was clear as glass, with a couple straggling cirrus clouds, but nothing worth paying attention to, and above that, the fish were supposedly hitting offshore. All-in-all, the long awaited perfect fishing day had come, at least in our minds it had. In the meantime, my dad backed the boat into the salty murky water as I got the boat ready for our day long journey. I set the navigation system to a favorite fishing spot of ours which was about twenty-five miles out called the Pelican Flats. We headed out on the gently, quiet, rolling blue monster's back as our twenty-two foot vessel handled the one to two foot ...

Personal Writing: Karate Class
[ view this term paper ]Words: 768 | Pages: 3

... sport that I started to love. On the day of my first test to move up to yellow belt, it was very easy for me. I felt like I was a brick wall, and that no one my size could defeat me. I started to get better and my teacher was training harder with me each day we had class. He told me if I worked at the rate he was teaching me, I'd be able to compete in the Olympics at the age of sixteen. My first chance to show my friends and family that I was good at karate was in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in a public school. I was so nervous about this tournament I felt sick. Well it was my time to shine, and shine ...

Creative Writing: The Drive
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1802 | Pages: 7

... said I had everything going for me. I, on the other hand, did not feel that way. There were hundreds of reasons why I should have stayed, carried on, but it only took a few significant reasons to abandon my so called perfect life in Yuma, Arizona. I remember driving, looking out of the window at the mountains and clay colored rocks. I realized just how beautiful it all was. Again, my thoughts turned back to my life. The man I thought I would end up sharing my so-called perfect life with. I could see his face, remember his smile, hear him laugh. Jim and I were great friends for a long while. Almost a whole yea ...

My Personal Belief
[ view this term paper ]Words: 439 | Pages: 2

... I always know that I have someone to comfort and protect me at every given moment. Whether my life is sailing smoothly or is very turbulent, I know that God will always be by my side to lead me in the right direction. I feel that my belief in God helps me to be a better person because it teaches me such things as loyalty, understanding, honesty, patients, values, and morals. These things assist me in leading a more fulfilling lifestyle, as well as making other people's lives better. I also believe in Christianity because I feel that everyone continues their existence beyond this worldly life. I believe t ...

Creative Writing: Year Long Period Of Solitary Confinement And What I Would Bring With Me
[ view this term paper ]Words: 499 | Pages: 2

... quarters. The computer that I would bring would allow me to keep in contact with the world outside of Antarctica, and with my family and friends via the internet and teleconferencing. The computer would also serve as a way for me to keep a journal of the events that occurred through out my year long solitary confinement at the life deficient South Pole. My computer would also provide a source of entertainment with games and programs I could use to pass the time. I would bring my alpine ski equipment along with my rock climbing gear to the earth's frozen basement. The two passions of my life are snow skiing and ...

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