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Help With Creative Writing Papers

A Story About Shy Copper
[ view this term paper ]Words: 581 | Pages: 3

... have.” Next was Copper turn, but he was very shy and he just said: “And I am, I am the most.” He became silent. Of course, Gold was a winner, and Copper was a worse metal. Everybody was laughing on Copper and even on Silver, and brothers’ competition has been continuing for along time. After a while, Copper gets married on a smart and beautiful Copper-woman. Still remember that Last Judgement, he decided to tell about it to her wife. When his wife heart a story, she became very angry and start to scold him: “How could you said so injustice thing, how?” He became silent on couple of min ...

People And Places
[ view this term paper ]Words: 780 | Pages: 3

... Club," which is located close to where I live. Before we got there we noticed something weird about the pool hall. It is located right across from the police station, which is rather unusual for a club. As soon as we walked in, a huge cloud of smoke blinded us. Right away, we noticed that everybody knew each other. It was like a small family. What was more amazing is how everybody blended in so perfectly and how they matched the place like a puzzle. As we were wandering around, the owner came up to us and welcomed us to his club, noticing that it was our first time there. Now that I have known hi ...

Alone With Nature
[ view this term paper ]Words: 367 | Pages: 2

... a rainbow. The shades of the velvety ornamented flower petals vary from scarlet, to baby blue. Despite the similarities in color, nothing else seems to be the same- they all tower 2 or 3 feet above the dark, rich soil. They sway playfully in unison with the warm caressing breeze, carefully merging the two scents into one fresh, clean fragrance. You pry yourself away from the immense meadow, still filled with many unexplored treasures and turn back into the foliage covered depths of the forest. The sun is comfortably placed in front of the cotton candy clouds, in the midst of the soft blue sky. The occasional b ...

My Journey
[ view this term paper ]Words: 590 | Pages: 3

... time to make sure that I haven’t forgotten anything. After a quick glance, I jump on my bike and start peddling ferociously. The time is now 7:54 a.m., and school begins promptly at 8:00 a.m. The thought of being late is still in the back of my mind and it makes me peddle even faster. I reach the school with two minutes to spare. As I reach the front doors, the principal who kindly tells me to slow down greets me. I quickly find my seat as the last tone of the bell sounds, knowing that I almost didn’t make it. I began to look around the room, and notice the differences from previous classrooms to this one. I kee ...

Personal Reflection: John F. Kennedy's Assassination
[ view this term paper ]Words: 478 | Pages: 2

... to the head and the neck in Dallas, Texas, around 12:30 P.M. that particular day. The little girl ran to the living room and threw herself in front of the fuzzy black and white television. She had the day off from school and after hearing the news, did not budge until her parents made her go do the chores. After the Holstein cows were milked, she once again fixed herself in front of the noise box. My mother was mesmerized by the disturbing set of events. In all her years, she had never experienced anything this horrible. She sat, glued to her spot in front of the television, and cried. Over and over again, ...

Creative Writing: Friends Till The Very End
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1329 | Pages: 5

... these many years, would forever be changed. Bobby clutched a smooth black stone in his fingers. He leaned into the light breeze, preparing to skip it across the harbour waters, but stopped abruptly, remembering that the gods did not like land removed from the island. As the stone slipped from his fingers, his eyes followed the ripples that glided on and off the grey beach where he stood, then rose almost by habit to gaze once more at the Arizona Memorial stretching white and graceful, remembering painfully that this would be the last time that he would ever walk along this beautiful beach. As his eyes watched the ...

Road Trips Revisited - A Route 66
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1057 | Pages: 4

... several times and I have seen the occasional "Historic Route 66" sign along the way when stopping for the night or at a gas station. I had heard of Route 66 before, but at the time just did not know exactly what it was. The signs were there but where was the road? I never quite figured that out at the time and the exact meaning of "Get your kicks on Route 66" eluded me too. I remember browsing through a book in a bookstore, Route 66 - The Mother Road by Michael Wallis, and being fascinated by the pictures, the small towns, the old gas stations, the hamburger joints and the old signs. This was what had always fas ...

Personal Writing: Going To College And Studying Social Service
[ view this term paper ]Words: 629 | Pages: 3

... that ever could have happened mainly because it involved a lot of paper work which was very tedious for both the doctor's office and the specialist. This became very confusing to the patients who were used to going to see any doctor they wanted without having referrals. The other biggest hassle with the HMO's, patients usually had a co-pay, which they needed to pay as they checked in with the receptionists. I can honestly say that this was the worst part of my job, and I know the other receptionists I worked with felt as I did. Most of the patients were quite rude about having to pay this before they even ...

A Christmas Memory: Truman Capote
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1027 | Pages: 4

... to do so. Sook and Buddy begin reminiscing about how they managed to gather their meager sums. People in the house donate a dime or two. Buddy and Sook make some money by selling jams and jellies, rounding up flowers for funerals and weddings, rummage sales, contests, and even a Fun and Freak museum. The secret fund is hidden in an old beaded purse under a loose board in the floor. They never remove the purse from under Sook's bed unless making a deposit or a ten-cent withdrawal on Saturdays. She allots Buddy ten cents to go to the picture show each Saturday. Sook has never visited one before, but asks Buddy ...

My Wedding Day, Or Is It?
[ view this term paper ]Words: 583 | Pages: 3

... pocket and said, "See if this will fit you". The ring fit, so we were engaged. I wonder what would have happened if it had been too small. We set our wedding day for September 6th. I had ordered my wedding gown and made some of the arrangements when my fiancé wanted to chance it to August 17th. I now had to cancel the order for the gown, and go out and shop for another one. Finally, after looking all over, I found the perfect wedding gown. I got the invitations out, and all the other arrangements changed. I awoke early Saturday morning August 17, my wedding day, or was it? I really wasn't a nervous bride. I ...

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