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Help With Creative Writing Papers

My Battle
[ view this term paper ]Words: 488 | Pages: 2

... that go the furthest. I understand that at times, I must push myself to reach new heights. For example, to raise my grade in a class, I might get help from my teacher at lunch, or I might just spend extra study time on that subject. Also, I could get better at basketball by staying after practice and working on my weaknesses. I will do anything to improve. Self-discipline is another key in my goal to achieve. Self-discipline is a matter of how hard I am willing to work when no one else is watching or grading me. I must discipline myself to keep my focus and maintain a positive outlook that is sometimes difficu ...

College Application Essay: Influence Of My Academic Interest In Education
[ view this term paper ]Words: 473 | Pages: 2

... and were totally oblivious to the fact that something was changing in my uncle’s personality. He started using illegal substances occasionally and then he was introduced to more harmful and more addictive drugs. He would read books about becoming a pharmacist and it was very obvious that his knowledge of drugs would either get him into trouble or make him successful. He was a full time student, but he was on the wrong road and his teachers had no idea. If only one teacher had taken the initiative to try to help my uncle with his interest in pharmaceuticals, maybe he could have used his knowledge in a positive w ...

Not Having Enough Money
[ view this term paper ]Words: 593 | Pages: 3

... fifteen minutes, and it’s finally your turn to order. You order the coke and it’s in your hand all ready to be drank and the lady say’s $1.75 please. So you reach into your pocket and find out that you only have a dollar. The lady figures that you don’t have enough money and takes the coke away from you. You return to your seat in the lounge again still very thirsty. One time I went out with my cousin to a Chinese restaurant for some dinner. The place was packed with people, so we had to wait for a seat. After about ten minutes the waiter called my name and directed us to our seat. We opened up the menu and our eyes ...

Creative Story: Lycanthrope
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3561 | Pages: 13

... friends, however, and tried to remain in touch. So I was surprised, rather pleasantly, the day I received an overseas long- distance call from Africa. It was Lyle, calling to see how I'd been, what I was doing, that sort of thing. Then suddenly his voice took on a more serious tone. "Niles, you have to come here. I may need your help." "What is it, Lyle? What's wrong?" "I can't tell you over the phone." He whispered. "It's too important. You have to be here." "In Africa?" I said in disbelief. "Yes, here. It's that important." "But Lyle--" "I'm an animal over here!" He hissed into the phone. "I c ...

Creative Story: Grandpa
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1041 | Pages: 4

... appears on the splashing water. That image was all done with Lazers. Las Vegas is a nice place to see a lot of cool hotels and sites. Then it was even better because it was at night and all the hotels were lit up. It looked like it was Christmas everyday there. Every single hotel was lit up of all different pictures. We had fun seeing that but it was time to go back to the hotel room. When we got back the front desk informed us that somebody had called from San Fransisco. We all had an idea of what it was about. My mom and grandma were both sobbing. They were crying in way that didn't show. My dad and I felt ve ...

Creative Writing: An Unforgivable Choice
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2180 | Pages: 8

... collector came towards them and Jason closed his eyes, waiting for something bad to happen. Jason heard the cruel man ask Lucinda to see her ticket and then Lucinda said “my stepbrother is under six years old”. The train stopped again and almost every body hurried out. “Why are you in the train and where's your m other?” Lucinda asked. “My mother said that I was old enough to take care of my self. So my mother sat me on the train and said that if there came any of the cruel men I should hurry out, and I don't believe in Santa. But if you do he properly heard you lien, I'm 7” Jason said “Would you like to buy some ...

Personal Writing: What Freedom Of Speech Means To Me
[ view this term paper ]Words: 306 | Pages: 2

... to say and hear whatever I want to hear. Recently I have been doing research on different religions and theories, and without the freedom of speech, many of the enlightening ideas that I have received could have passed me by, restricting my learning and intellectual expansion. Try as we, the people and lawmakers might, it is impossible to restrict a person from doing whatever is their desire and in their grasp. Any person, at any time, can say anything they want to. And for good reason. We are a democracy where the people make the rules, and the people own the country. The place that the government should step in ...

Creative Writing: Stanley
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2388 | Pages: 9

... already was employed as a cashier at Butchered Prices town market, and constructed buildings for a general contractor. As a sum of all this, Stanley's life sucked. He worked from dusk until dawn, stopping only to smoke a cigarette or a joint, (although Stan felt he smoked too much of both.) With this third job now beginning, his prospects seemed nothing but grim. In Stanley's mind, work was life and life was hard, so this is how work must be. He hated this thought, and therefore his own existence, which was his mind-set as he entered the doors of Holiday Lanes Family Recreation Center. Once inside, Stanley im ...

Self-Reflective Essay
[ view this term paper ]Words: 354 | Pages: 2

... CPR, blood pressure, etc., are just some things I have learned while in health Occupation. I know I will need to know them since it is used all the time in the real world. I also believe that the way you carry yourself has a great impact in your future career. In the medical field, there is a lot of caring and attention involved with doctors and the patient. You have to make the patients feel like they are wanted, and you as a doctor, can help them with any problem or disorder they may have. In my case I decided to work with children, since I was once a child and I have worked with them before(at a summer camp). ...

Personal Writing: My Dog Oso
[ view this term paper ]Words: 660 | Pages: 3

... your mother always tells you to leave the house for fear of wasting it. My brothers were enjoying their summer freedom, I did not partake in their joy, I could not. I had not started school, so summer had no meaning to me, all I knew was hot and cold, dirt or snow. I know I was young, as this is the first day of my life I truly remember. I was playing about our yard when my older brother Jake slowly walked up to me. He had been supplied with money, and then instructed by my mother to take me to the corner store to buy candy and ice cream. At that time I was delighted, as the trip to the corner store was an ...

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