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Questions & Answers

How can I find a paper on my topic?
Finding a paper is easy! Just enter your term paper topic in the search box at the left of the page and our search software will return a list of papers that best matches your subject. If you have a more general topic, you can browse our database by selecting from the subject list on the left.

Once I join, how soon can I view the papers?
Literally instantly! Once our billing processor verifies your payment, it will activate your account right there. You will then be able to login and view any of our term papers. We realize that being an ecommerce company, the internet is always open 24/7, so we make it easy for students to access their subscriptions at any time of the day.

How much does it cost to become a member?
You can join PaperHelp for just $19.95 a month or for even cheaper if you select a multi-month option. We are able to charge such a low price for access to so many papers because we work on volume. We sign up a larger quantity of members to make up for the low prices.

What does recurring billing mean?
Recurring billing enables to you access the members area at any time you need without having to register again. Should you wish to not use the service anymore, you can cancel your membership at any time.

Am I allowed to turn in these papers?
Turning in anything that you did not write yourself would be a bad idea. More and more professors are using programs and sites to catch people who plagiarize their research papers. You run the risk of getting a failing grade or being expelled if you are caught. It doesn't take much time to write a term paper, and with PaperHelp providing ideas, writing your own paper should be a cinch.

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