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Help With Miscellaneous Papers

GI Jane Military Surplus
[ view this term paper ]Words: 545 | Pages: 2

... must be kept, to keep up with big business. It also allows for easier product searches, and quick stock lists. Universe Of Discourse This Information system features a simple but efficient conceptual schema design, whereupon it's simply derived from an initial stock list into sub-categories and then the report, this is to maintain a user friendly system capable of the task of maintaining this business. Rationale for development This business is in need of an Information System, to maintain their stock levels, to maintain employees information. This will provide in a higher turnover for the business due ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 367 | Pages: 2

... leading class in is composed of male-line descendants of the Aja (Fons, or Dahomey) who had established the early kingdom. Trained for civil service by the French, they are the best educated; literacy is 25% among school-age children. In the N are the nomadic Fulani and the Somba tribe, hunters with no political organization; E are Baribas. 90% of the population is rural, and 65% practices animist religion. French is the common language. Government Benin has been under military rule since 1970. The constitution of 1977 instituted a national assembly, whose members belong to the sole legal political part ...

Bermuda Triangle
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2070 | Pages: 8

... to occur at an alarming rate. A small part of the lies in the Sargasso Sea. This sea is best known for its tall, thick, floating seaweed called Sargassum. The seaweed is thought to be a forest that once rested on an island in the Atlantic Ocean. According to legend, the island sank at a very quick pace, taking with it the forest and vegetation. One of the most notable disappearances is that of Flight 19. The flight consisted of five Navy TBM Avenger torpedo bomber planes. Mechanics had certified the planes fit for flight. Flight planes were checked thoroughly and appropriately filed with the proper auth ...

Land Ethics In Our Communities
[ view this term paper ]Words: 719 | Pages: 3

... I was one of those careless and self-involved members of our race. Having never thought of the concept of “land ethics”, I realized that it is very likely that many other people have yet to know of it either. This is a present conservation problem which worries me more than I have ever thought a simple article could be able to do to me. As the author of this revelation piece, Aldo Leopold (1966), stated in his article, that we need to change our “human role from conqueror, to a member of the land community”. This is vital for the future existence of an Earth that is habitable and non-toxic ...

Medical Budget Spending
[ view this term paper ]Words: 570 | Pages: 3

... higher participation in clinical trials by establishing a three-year, $750 million demonstration program, specifically for Medicare beneficiaries, to cover the patient care costs for those who participate in certain federally-sponsored cancer clinical trials. Although the Health Care Financing Administration (which administers Medicare) would run the demonstration, it would be funded by specified receipts from national tobacco legislation and, thus, would not draw upon Medicare's Hospital Insurance (HI) or Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) trust funds. The proposal includes an evaluation af ...

Economic Rebirth Or Social Sui
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1255 | Pages: 5

... promised to local governments by the Gambling industry when it sets its sights on a location for new development. Casino proponents and politicians eager to pad their tax base emphasize the multiplier effect: new jobs that inject money into the local economy, and new money means new businesses that will spur further economic growth. Has the community asked why would a gaming company invest upwards of 300 million dollars in this town? There are definite answers to these questions. Gambling proponents’ point out there are very few industries that can have such an immediate impact on a community. Ca ...

Managing Change In Operations
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1623 | Pages: 6

... on capital employed and other key components of company objectives. A successful behavior trait taking hold for successful companies is to develop business models to assess a strategy. These models provide change models expanding on issues such as “what”, that provide a picture of the company now of analysis; and “which”, that suggest alternative action paths for the company to take. Both of these models provide information to build a more complete picture of events within the business and options for future development. Managers should make use of these models and many don’t. Those that do are mo ...

Endangered Whales
[ view this term paper ]Words: 659 | Pages: 3

... one part of the world, while in another they are being ruthlessly slaughtered for pet food, lipstick, and oil. Once they swam in enormous numbers, communicating in complex sounds thought to carry over distances so wide, possibly carrying from Antarctica to Alaska. Unfortunately, whales may not be able to receive communications from other whales, which are anymore distant than a few hundred kilometers anymore. Their communication is interfered with by the sound of ship’s motors, sounds that must be as painful to whales ears as a truck on a highway is to human’s ears. The decimation of great whales has been goi ...

The Use Of Psychics In Police
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3440 | Pages: 13

... as any experience in which an individual is able to sense what is going to happen in the future or about an event that has occurred that they have no mental knowledge about prior to the vision. Stories about supernatural solutions to crime or psychic powers date as far back as biblical times. One instance is the story about Saul and his servant sent to look for some livestock by his father. After three long days of looking the servant suggested that they ask the local "seer" or psychic for help. The psychic told them that if they waited three more days that the sheep would turn up, and like the psychic ...

Learning Is For Everyone
[ view this term paper ]Words: 880 | Pages: 4

... behind it, the university experience is one that should be experienced by all. The types of university courses are changing to reflect today’s society. It does vary from college to college, but quite often today a student can just about customize his or her own degree program. This allows someone to study a particular subject or learn more about the area of study that he or she prefers, rather than choosing from a limited amount of concentrations. This evolution within the college cirriculum is excellent especially for those who prefer a career that does not require a degree, but would like to study no ...

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