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Help With Creative Writing Papers

"Tristan's Tragedy"
[ view this term paper ]Words: 442 | Pages: 2

... performing deeds impossible for the average. I also taught her daughter, my beautiful Isolt, the art of the lyre. I returned to Cornwall, and upon hearing my account of Isolt's charm, my king Mark resolved to make her his own. After convincing her family to allow her to wed the king, we set back on a ship for Cornwall. I remember the night on which we fell in love. Perhaps it was the wine, or perhaps I was merely intoxicated by her. Nonetheless, she amazingly felt the same drawing to me, and we were unable to contain our affections. We continued seeing one another in secret after the wedding; after all, wi ...

The Three Part Assertion Method
[ view this term paper ]Words: 664 | Pages: 3

... Over and over in my mind I envision myself going down there, screaming at him, telling him my mind, and slamming his door. That would feel great. I haven't done this yet, and probably won't. While reading the Bolton chapter, this scenario replayed itself over and over in my mind. Here is my revised strategy, which might just be used if the guy bothers me again. "When you leave your door open, I can hear your music in my room which makes if difficult for me to get school work done. I love music too, and certainly don't want you to not enjoy it, but please don't force others to 'enjoy' it with you. I notice ...

Personal Writing: My Best Friend Radar
[ view this term paper ]Words: 343 | Pages: 2

... of fresh hay, mixed with the familiar, warm smell of Radar. Inside the dark silence I can hear him chewing. Suddenly, as soon as he hears the grinding of an opening lattice door, he raises his head and the rays of the sun, running through the small window, lights his beautiful head up. I embrace his warm neck, kiss his soft nose and offer him some sugar. He sniffs me round and I feel that he is glad to see me as well. Almost all day long we spend together. We walk around in the green field, strewed with small,spring,colorful flowers. The air is filled with smell of the fresh grass. I share with him all the ne ...

Snow White
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1003 | Pages: 4

... Snow White disliked her cruel step-mother. The new Queen would verbally abuse Snow White and slap her around if she didn't pick up after herself or if she made loud noises. The King, ever the protector of his Queen, would refuse to step in and defend his daughter. By age 12 Snow White had really grown into a nearly full fledged woman. Even at this age finding proper "support" became difficult with a size double "D". Even she was surprised by the growth; however, no one was more surprised than Snow White's stepmother. The Queen, even in her younger days, had always had the largest mammary glands in th ...

Personal Writing: Response To My Visit To The Boott Cotton Mill
[ view this term paper ]Words: 998 | Pages: 4

... looked like a construction site. So far I was really surprised, I expected to see something like an industrial plant of today. Once inside I realized that this was more of a museum than an industrial plant. The entrance had hardwood floors and was quite modern. From there I went to the entrance of the Weave Room. The most interesting part of this exhibit was the pictures and quotations located outside the Weave Room. Throughout the building, all the pictures with people in them, nobody had a smile on their face. That solidified the impression I had that people weren't happy working in the mills. T ...

Creative Writing: South Vs. North
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1192 | Pages: 5

... have had slaves. I am the best general other than Lee to have ever lived. I still remember something Lee told me once before that has stuck to me and I have grown to follow that in my own life. Lee stated, "It is only the ignorant who suppose themselves omniscient." This has much more meaning than what it at first appears to have. Once again, we had slaves. We kept these things alive and helped them out. Like I said earlier they would have died if it wasn't for us. We gave them a home and fed them when they needed to be fed. All we ask for in return is that they work on our farms. They are property of ours, ...

My Trip To China
[ view this term paper ]Words: 254 | Pages: 1

... about 1 hour, traveled by car, we reached home, it was about 1 o*clock, we were very hungry, they*ve already cooked the lunch for us. After lunch, we walked around in the village . When we back home, we chatted until dinner was ready. There was on toilet there, so my grandpa and me cannot eat more and more although all things were very good. After a terrible night, we went to another village. We went in the bus about 3 hours, after we reached there, it was about 4:30pm. I don*t think we could walked around the village again. The house that we lived was designed by my grandpa, we lived happily (very happy) ...

Personal Writing: Fickle Fisherman
[ view this term paper ]Words: 541 | Pages: 2

... fair sized.But the guy beside me didn't seem to think so he looked at it and gave a little laugh and kept on fishing. I really didn't know what to think, was he laughing at something i didn't see or was there something wrong with my fish? I just disregarded it and continued fishing. Then as i was getting bored and drowsey I heard a yelp and the old man shot up. He had a bite! As he was fighting it he started talking and telling me how to catch a REAL fish not the guppy in my bucket. As he talked and talked the fish got closer and closer and he netted it up and took a look. The fish was about half the size of min ...

Personal Writing: My Tutoring Job
[ view this term paper ]Words: 492 | Pages: 2

... I had wasted an hour on teaching him the basic concepts, which he did not get at all. I assigned him several algebra problems for practice, but he did them all wrong. I thought I knew how to teach him since the material was so simple for me, but apparently, I did not know how to explain the material in the way that he would have understood. I started to criticize myself. I realized that even though algebra was so easy for me, it did not mean that he understood the material, too. So I figured out a new way of tutoring, which became more efficient later. I went through every problem with him, step by step, and co ...

The Real Sucker
[ view this term paper ]Words: 467 | Pages: 2

... treated Pete the way Pete treated him - like a nobody. Sucker's real name is Richard. He got the name "Sucker" from being so gullible. One time he jumped off his garage roof with an open umbrella because Pete told him he would float down to the ground. It turned out all that happened was Sucker got a busted knee. Sucker was like any child his age. He talked to himself when he was alone, he would fight off gangsters and also pretend he was a cowboy. He was a healthy kid but he kept to himself mostly. When Pete met Maybelle Watts this had an immediate effect on Sucker because Pete was actually treatin ...

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