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Help With Social Issues Papers

GI Jane
[ view this term paper ]Words: 791 | Pages: 3

... military, where our best men have been serving us for generations. While claiming to be every bit as good as the men, they have for a most part failed once they got in. Ms. Faulkner won her legal battle to enter the Citadel, breaking a 152 year tradition of training men only. On August 14, 1995, during her first day of military training, she collapsed from heat exhaustion. Within days, she abruptly withdrew from the college, forced to admit that she could not withstand the rigors of "hell week." Ms. Faulkner, fighting back tears, explained that two and a half years of stress had "all crashed in" on her in the ...

Immigration To America
[ view this term paper ]Words: 334 | Pages: 2

... cafeteria, dorms and most important a hospital. In Enrique and rosa's case, their immigration was somewhat secretive, but if there was a legal checkpoint along the way as in Ellis island, they could have seen she was sick and taken her to the hospital and saved her life. Immigrants that came through Ellis island usually got jobs earlier and easier. Perhaps because they came to America in a time of great need, of that job offers felt more comfortable because they were legal, trying hard learning English and they had been in America for longer. Maybe it is because Ellis island immigrants didn't live in a time of such ...

Music Censorship
[ view this term paper ]Words: 740 | Pages: 3

... SHALL MAKE NO LAWS REPRESENTING AN ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION, OR PROHIBTING THE FREE EXERCISE THEREOF; OR ABRIDGING THHE FREEDOM OF SPEECH, OR OF THE PRESS; OR OF THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE PEACEABLY TO ASSEMBLE, AND PETITION THE GOVERNMENT FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCE. When you censor music that could be considered a violation of constitutional rights. Many states have introduced a “harmful to minors law”, this is supposed to protect children from explicated lyrics and recordings with no artistic value. This law is for songs like Ice-T’s Cop Killer, which is supposed to be the reason kids kill cops. Alth ...

Pornography Can Lead To Violence Toward Women
[ view this term paper ]Words: 820 | Pages: 3

... for the purpose of enjoyment by a male audience. The mass circulation of pornographic films and magazines provides cultural, ideological support for the increase in sexual attacks on women. The word pornography comes from the Greek root porne (which means harlot, prostitute or female captive) and graphos (which means description of). True to the root meaning of the word, pornographic material depicts women as articles purchased or captured. Pornography dehumanizes women. The material often focuses only on certain body parts such as the breast or legs, suggesting that a woman does not exist as a whole person ...

Gender Communication In The Workplace
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1840 | Pages: 7

... men and women share. These networks also differ and as do the reasonings for their formation. Although we do not think that men and women need to change their cultures to effectively communicate, we do think that better communication is possible. One of the researchers we took a look at was Deborah Tannen. According to Tannen the reason that men and women do not communicate well is that men and women use language differently. Women take the attitude that conversation is to explore solutions to common problems while men concern themselves more with getting information and hard data from conversation. Tannen states tha ...

Birthing Cermonies Of Other Cultures
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2292 | Pages: 9

... they are even born. First of all plans are made for them so they know who is going to be there to witness the child being born into their society. They are usually the grandparents, the representatives, and the Godparents that were selected by the parents and the representatives. The mother is to keep on working as she did before the baby is born. They say that this shows the child the importance of work in their culture. During the pregnancy, around the seventh month, the mother introduces the baby to the natural world. She does this by taking walks in the fields and over the hills. They believe that the ...

Tobacco Advertising Makes Young People Their Chief Target
[ view this term paper ]Words: 707 | Pages: 3

... who is shown as a dromedary with complete style has been attacked by many Tobacco-Free Kids organizations as a major influence on the children of America. Dr. Lonnie Bristow, AMA (American Medical Association) spokesman, remarks that "to kids, cute cartoon characters mean that the product is harmless, but cigarettes are not harmless. They have to know that their ads are influencing the youth under 18 to begin smoking"(Breo). Researchers at the Medical College of Georgia report that almost as many 6-year olds recognize Joe Camel as know Mickey Mouse (Breo). That is very shocking information for any parent to hea ...

Moral Force Protesting
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1421 | Pages: 6

... a cause within the boundaries of law. It's possible to legally get enough support for a cause and eventually win by never once using any sort of violence. In some cases, hunger strikes by the ‘victims' are also done. Aside from well constructed speeches and hunger strikes, the refusal to obey certain laws and the passive resistance, that is, resisting to incoming violence usually from the government, are other ways to morally protest without any physical violence. Sometimes due to the refusal to abide to certain laws the supporters may find abusive, the moral force protest supporters might find themselves confronting ...

The Conflicts Of The Black Race: Delayed Economic And Educational Progress
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1168 | Pages: 5

... by other races, problems also plague us such as poverty, drugs, and miseducation. To make matters even worse, we also have a serious lack of unity. Some of us feel as though it is not our responsibility to help other blacks when they are in need. Another major problem is the existence of racism. This negative attitude leads to many physical and psychological problems within the black community. Therefore, lack of unity within the black community and the effects of racism are two major factors when contribute to the slow progress of black people. Before the Civil Rights movement racism was so blatant that not knowi ...

Straight-Edge: What It Is And What It Isn't
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1014 | Pages: 4

... straight- edge means something different to each person who follows it; however, there are some basic "rules" that every straight-edge person follows, whether they are straight-edge or hard-line straight-edge.  Straight-edge is not something that has occurred just recently. It is commonly believed that it was started nearly two decades ago in the 1980-1983 era by the hardcore-punk band called Minor Threat.  The song "Straight-Edge" written by Ian MacKaye, the band's singer, not only coined the phrase, but it encompassed all of the philosophies that a straight-edge person believes in.  There have been theories that ...

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