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Help With Music Papers

Rock Music
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1237 | Pages: 5

... This music is characterized by using a heavy beat. In this essay, I'm going to divide Rock music into four sections: Rock of the 50's, of the 60's, of the 70's and of the 80's. Within these sections I'm also going to discuss several sub-topics such as famous composers and groups, and characteristics of the music. The first section of this essay is Rock n' Roll of the 1950's, when Rock n' Roll was born. It emerged from rhythm and blues, a music similar to jazz played by blacks. This kind of music started to attract white teenagers. Disc jockey Alan Freed was the one who introduced this music and later gave ...

The Ideals Of Instrumental Music
[ view this term paper ]Words: 850 | Pages: 4

... music and poetry.  Furthermore, a large number of leading composers in the 19th century were extremely interested and articulate in literary expression, and leading Romantic novelists and poets wrote about music with deep love and insight. The conflict between the ideal of pure instrumental music (absolute music) as the ultimate Romantic mode of expression, and the strong literary orientation of the 19th century, was resolved in the conception of program music.  Program music, as Liszt and others in the 19th century used the term, is music associated with poetic, descriptive, and even narrative subje ...

Stan Kenton & His Orchestra
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2955 | Pages: 11

... to him and that he had no trouble at all assimilating and elaborating upon the imaginative and unorthodox constructions used by the leading European Impressionists of the day; Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Arnold Schonberg and Igor Stravinsky, all of whom he later celebrated in many of his own classically-inspired compositions: 'Theme For Sunday,' 'Sunset Tower,' 'Concerto To End All Concertos.' Upon graduation from Bell High School he worked during the day as a rehearsal pianist in dance halls and theaters. At night he paid his dues in a succession of after-hours bars, clip joints and five dollar-a-night speakea ...

The Singing School: An American Tradition
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1196 | Pages: 5

... Psalters compiled in Europe. It was not until 1640, however, that the Puritan ministers in America made their own translation of the psalms. The Bay Psalm Book was the first book printed in British North America and was widely used. The most distinguishing feature of this book was its rhymed and metered English poetry. This allowed a few tunes, having the same rhythms as the poetry, to be used as melodies for many psalms. In addition, the text employed the vernacular, and consequently promoted memorization. The ninth edition of the Bay Psalm Book, published in 1698, was the first edition published with tunes. T ...

Who Are You?: Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1304 | Pages: 5

... adoptive hometown -- an audience from which journalists, low-level PR flacks, photographers and other industry hangers-on have been barred. It's a hand-picked crowd of the faithful who have waited a long time for this moment. Apart from scattered dates on their abortive 1995 tour, Pearl Jam have not sustained a tour in more than two years. The scene is set, then, for a legendary show -- the band's triumphant return. You'd never guess it from Vedder's scowl. "Have you heard the new album?" he asks in his husky baritone. The applause is scattered. "Well," Vedder mumbles, "you're about to hear it again." With that, Pe ...

Music Censorship
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3824 | Pages: 14

... it reflected their life and what they were really like. Today's performers, however, do not act like that in real life, for the most part. Today, performers take on challenges, like the dare of a child. . . "Betcha won't do it!" These rock performers cannot turn down a dare or back away from even the slightest bit of public notoriety. By listening to one of their "questionable" albums, it is easily noticeable how they thrive off of it. All of these performers do have one thing in common, at one time or another, censorship made them victims because of their social unacceptable actions or the content of thei ...

Appearance Vs. Reality Of Modern Music Affect On Teenagers
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1124 | Pages: 5

... subject to power corruption but so is the "rock star". This is the important thing to remember when dealing with the subject at hand. There are many reasons why teenagers cling to "rock stars", but there are always more popular reasons than others. One main reason that this occurs is because of the accessibility of what these "rock stars" are publishing. Think of all the things that teenagers have in front of them day-in, day-out; radio, television, clothes of peers etc. All of which are covered with popular musicians. So if they are so accessible then most people are aware of this so they start to pay attenti ...

Coparison Between Two Guitars: Ibanez 453 RVC And The Gibson Les Paul
[ view this term paper ]Words: 930 | Pages: 4

... called the pickups. A pickup is a really sensative box that is attached to the body in between the bottom of the neck and the bottom of the bridge. The purpose of a pickup is to "pick up" the sounds of the notes or chords that are being strummed. There are many different types of pickups; for instance, the Gibson Les Paul has pickups that are called Humbuckers, which are much higher and of a better quality than the pickups on an Ibanez. The Ibanez comes with regular music store pickups that are not bad but do not have the quality of the Humbuckers. So having better quality means that the pickups are more sensat ...

Mozart And His Music
[ view this term paper ]Words: 820 | Pages: 3

... Imperial Court in Vienna. In 1763 the Morzart's visited Mannheim. This is where Mozart, learned all about the orchestra and symphonies composed there. In London Mozart met the son of J. S. Bach. He played before distinguished audiences, and composed a sacred chorus. In 1770, he began to master the two types of Italian opera: opera buffa (comic opera) and opera seria (serious opera). In 1777, Mozart's family visited Paris. His mother fell ill and died during their visit. In 1782, Mozart married Constanze Weber against his father's wishes. In 1783, Mozart and Constanze visited Salzburg, where he helped Michael ...

Adam Sandler's "What The Hell Happened To Me?": How Music Affects Culture
[ view this term paper ]Words: 674 | Pages: 3

... we grow up and are affected by culture. Cultural traits presented in this song are how we teach children and what we subject them to. Our methods of education and entertainment both affect how we turn out in the long run. The song shows how these traits affect how people grow up, and what they value in life. For example, the song talks about selling lemonade, eating popcorn, and watching parades. Then it goes on to say he's "only happy when [he's] drinking JD" The point is that people are changing because of society and our culture's lack of certain elements, such as respect and discipline. Values. The values pre ...

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