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Help With Book Reports Papers

Crime And Punishment - Russian
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1627 | Pages: 6

... I (in full Nikolay Pavlovich), Russian emperor from 1825 to 1855, was often considered the personification of classic autocracy; for his reactionary policies, he has been called the emperor who froze Russia for 30 years. Autocracy meant the affirmation and maintenance of the absolute power of the sovereign, which was considered the indispensable foundation of the Russian state. His impulse was always to strike and keep striking until the object of his wrath was destroyed. Aggressiveness, however, was not the Emperor's only method of coping with the problems of life. He also used regimentation, orderliness, neatne ...

The War Ridden Soldier
[ view this term paper ]Words: 494 | Pages: 2

... works their relationship progresses. Frederick slowly falls in love with her and in his love for her, he finds commitment. At the conclusion of the novel, Frederick realizes that he cannot base his life on another person or thing because it will eventually leave him. Catherine Barkley is an English nurse who serves in Italy. On the other hand Catherine is experienced when it comes to love since she has already lost a loved one which was killed earlier in the war. Hemingway also lets us know Catherine already has the knowledge that her life cannot be dependent on another through her husband's death. This all set ...

The Scarlet Letter: Pearl - The Living Symbol
[ view this term paper ]Words: 694 | Pages: 3

... what she says,' began the minister, with a voice sweet, tremulous, but powerful, insomuch that the hall reechoed, and the hollow armor rang with it - 'truth in what Hester says, and in the feeling which inspires her!'"(110)Ö "'I must be even so,' resumed the minister.'" " 'This child of its father's guilt and its mother's shame hath come from the hand of God, to work in many ways upon her heart, who pleads so earnestly, and with such bitterness of spirit, the right to keep her. It was meant, doubtless, as the mother herself hath told us, for a retribution too; a torture to be felt at many an unthought-of mo ...

The Scarlet Letter: Guilt, Strength And Revenge
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1532 | Pages: 6

... Dimmesdale is a hypocritical character who dies because of the anguish he feels and the pressure applied by the Puritan society. The Scarlet Letter is a book that contains and utilizes symbols within its characters and its setting. One very important symbol and character was Pearl Prynne, the daughter of the adulteress. Throughout the story Pearl is shown looking at or playing with the scarlet letter on her mother's bosom so as to mock her. "... Pearl took some eelgrass and imitated, as best she could, on her own bosom, the decoration with which she was so familiar on her mother's - a letter - the letter "A"... (Hawt ...

Pride And Prejudice
[ view this term paper ]Words: 982 | Pages: 4

... trait in several characters in "Pride and Prejudice" although it is hard to find one character who portrays prejudice alone, throughout the novel. When prejudice does occur in this novel, Jane Austen has shown it in the hands of a notoriously proud character. Because prejudice is not personified (ie. depicted as a major characteristic flaw) I believe that it was not to be the object of Jane Austen's sharper criticism. Jane Austen has depicted pride in her minor (functional) characters as a means of demonstrating it's importance as a theme of this novel. Lady Catherine is one of the main offenders, her airs, arroganc ...

The Reaper's Image
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1141 | Pages: 5

... there is no friction tape on the mirror, Spangler becomes sick and leaves for the bathroom. The story ends with Carlin waiting for Spangler to return. I thought that this story was very good, because it started off really slow and worked it's way into a really interesting plot. I liked the end because it never really finished, it left the ending up to the reader. This seems to be a common theme in a lot of Stephen King's stories. He likes to leave the reader in suspense, and keep them wondering. Here There Be Tygers This story is about a little boy named Charles who is in elementary school. He has to go to t ...

The Metamorphosis: Patriarchy
[ view this term paper ]Words: 798 | Pages: 3

... and compare it to instances in Japan. In the beginning of "The Metamorphosis," we can tell from the way Gregor's family is organized that Gregor is the 'father figure,' in that he is the primary breadwinner and the one who makes most of the decisions for his family. On page 1781, we can see Gregor thinking that me would "take charge of the family's affairs again," hence showing that before he turned into a bug, he was the dominant person in the family. He is the only person in the family who actually goes out to earn money. His father has already retired, while his mother and sister, following the stand ...

Escaping The Fog Of Pride And Prejudice
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1054 | Pages: 4

... says yes to a man who she is determined to hate. At the Meryton ball she had quickly made a sketch of Darcy's character. Compared to Jane who "never [sees] a fault in any body" (11), she doesn't believe only the best in everyone. She is usually right about people. From simply hearing Mr. Collins' letter, she asks if he is a sensible man, which he proves not to be. She is precisely perceptive of everyone except Wikham and Darcy. At the Meryton ball, Darcy is very reserved. He refuses to dance with Elizabeth when Bingley asks him to, saying that Elizabeth is not handsome enough to tempt him. Elizabeth's pride ...

The Great Gatsby: The Green Light
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1041 | Pages: 4

... is. A symbol cannot be seen as a sign. The two are very different. A sign is an object which signifies something else. For example, a green traffic light instructs drivers to proceed. A symbol is much more complex than this. A symbol may also stand for something else as seen in its simplest case. A symbol sums up a large number of ideas and attitudes. The complexity of a symbol may be more intense than a sign because it can have several meanings in different situations. (Beckson and Ganz 207) The green light is first mentioned in chapter one of the Great Gatsby. Nick, the narrator of the novel, sees Gats ...

1984: Socialism, Fascism, Or Communism
[ view this term paper ]Words: 298 | Pages: 2

... to a life dominated by Socialism, Fascism, or Communism. Socialism demands state ownership and control of the basic means of production and distribution of wealth. Both of these are going on in the book. The Inner Party controls business, and I donít think that anyone can have private profits. They all have apartments, no houses or privately owned residents, and all eat and work in similar environments. All of these are signs of Socialism. There are classes of people, though, (the proles are different from the others), and this is not a trait of Socialism. Communism also calls for no private property while t ...

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