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Help With Book Reports Papers

Book Review: Darkness, Be My Friend
[ view this term paper ]Words: 653 | Pages: 3

... After finding this, they go on to perform numerous terrorist activities around the district to hamper the enemy's progress. These including blowing up a bridge on a major convoy route, attacking an important bay used for supplies and in Darkness, Be My Friend, the teenagers set out from New Zealand to assist a small group of elite New Zealand soldiers attack the new airbase that has been built in their town. In this book, the New Zealand soldiers disappear without a trace and the teenagers have to attack the airbase themsleves_ I think that this book is as much about adventure and survival as it is about emotio ...

The Mississippi River (huckleb
[ view this term paper ]Words: 0 | Pages: 0

... ...

The Scarlet Letter
[ view this term paper ]Words: 449 | Pages: 2

... society she will be cast into hell. The only reasons she sees the Black Man is cause in her mind she is trying to prepare herself to meet him. Dimmesdale is going mentally insane because of the effects from guilt. He sneaks out at night to stand on the platform, but why doesn’t he confess. He is a reverend, and should be able to tell everything. That is why it is so hard for him. He is trapped between a rock and a hard space. If he tells the citizens, he is no longer the great reverend. Then again, if he doesn’t, he will be forced to carry the ever so heavy burden. Dimmesdale waits for such a long time th ...

A Stranger Is Watching
[ view this term paper ]Words: 559 | Pages: 3

... life,Neil rejects her.Neil thinks that if Sharon and his father get married ,his father will send him away.When Neil and Sharon are held hostage together, Neil's feelings for Sharon change;he begins to see her as a nice person and a motherlike figure.I felt the author built this relationship up well so that the story would have a happy ending. I also like how the author made the character traits of the protagonist completely conflict with the antagonist.The protagonist,Steve is a successful man with a family and no problems;at least in the mind of the antagonist.The antagonist has problems with females,a car ...

The Horse Whisperer Healing Of
[ view this term paper ]Words: 799 | Pages: 3

... get on with the business of living"(Schwarzbaum 44). Whispering is "the ability to look into one's eyes and touch their soul"(Evans). People have to decide what is important to them in their lives and try not to loose sight of this. In The Horse Whisperer it seems that Grace's mother Annie is so wrapped up in her career that her family is last on her priority list. When the accident occurs, she gets a rude awakening and attempts to make up for not really being there. At the hospital she wants to make sure that her daughter gets the best treatment and she "wants to get to know all of the nurses names"(Evans). T ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 875 | Pages: 4

... Alan his latest creation, it was some kind of sneaker, made of canvas and white leather above a rubber sole. Alan put the shoe down on an idle conveyor belt. As Alan walked downstairs he saw men scurrying around the sole stamping machine, his father pulled out a shredded shoe, it was Carl's new creation. “Who did this?” asked Alan's father, Carl put up his hand, and took the blame. Alan picked up his bike and rode home, but just as he thought he was safe Billy came out with his friends, attacked Alan and took off, with his bike. He heard a drumming sound, Brummm-tum-tum! Brummm-tum- tum!. He followed it to hi ...

Kennewick Man
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1232 | Pages: 5

... anthropologist James Chatters to assist with the investigation (Slayman). The police, coroner and Chatters then went to the river where they recovered more bones. Along with the bones, some late nineteenth century artifacts were recovered. The Archaeological Resources Protection Act required Chatters to obtain a permit to excavate on federal land, so before he could go back to excavate he had to get a permit from the Army Core of Engineers (Lee). After receiving his permit he returned to the site several times and recovered a near complete skeleton. At first the nineteenth century artifacts led him to believe that ...

Animal Farm: Political Issues
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1253 | Pages: 5

... and polotics but a rather sentimental, utopian vision of the world as a "raft sailing through space, with, potentially, plenty of provisions for everybody"(Grennblatt 106). Animal Farm is a satirical beast fable which has been heralded as Orwell's lightest, gayest work(Brander 126). It is a novel based on the first thirty years of the Soviet Union, a real society pursuing the ideal of equality. His book argues that this kind of society has not worked and could not (Meyers 102). Animal Farm has also been known as a an enter-taining, witty tale of a farm whose oppressed animals, capable of speech and reason, overcome ...

The Crucible: John Proctor
[ view this term paper ]Words: 453 | Pages: 2

... was an instance of bravery because children were thought of as the vice of god and they were pure of blemishes. Proctor also fought the court trying to keep them from convicting his spouse even though nobody else would dare to do. Another quality that made him brave was when he confessed to the court that he had an affair with Abigail just to save his life. That John Proctor is brave, is obvious but ha can also be very extreme at some times. An instance of Proctor's extremity was when he shouted, "I say - I say - God is dead!"(Pg. 119), and that he will see all of them burn in hell. That statement implied to the ...

The Outsiders: Theme
[ view this term paper ]Words: 524 | Pages: 2

... get jumped by a group of Socs. The Socs start to drown Ponyboy in a fountain. Johnny, realizing they might kill Ponyboy, kills Bob, one of the Socs with his switchblade. Johnny and Ponyboy run to a fellow Greaser, Dally, who is always in trouble with the law. Dally helps them by giving them some money, a gun, and a place to hide. They hide in a church outside of town for a week until Dally says it's okay to come out. They go out to eat and when they get back to the church they find it burning. When they see that there are kids inside and the fire could have been started by their cigarettes, they run insi ...

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