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Help With Book Reports Papers

The Scarlet Letter: The Scaffold
[ view this term paper ]Words: 490 | Pages: 2

... sudden reappearance and is among the onlookers. The Reverend Mr. Dimmsdale is also there but he does not stand with Hester on the scaffold, instead he stands on the balcony with those who pass judgment on her. During this time, Reverend Mr. Wilson demands that Hester give the name of her lover. He gives her the chance to “take the scarlet letter off [her] breast” if she were to “speak out his name”(64). Had she relented and revealed his name she might never have had to endure the humiliation of the scarlet letter. But she refused, and so her path was set. The second time at the scaffold was a turning point for H ...

Stanley And Livingstone And Th
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2207 | Pages: 9

... a few years he served in the Civil War. By now John Rowlands had changed his name to Henry Morton Stanley. He took a job with the New York Herald and was sent to Africa as a correspondent. He was then sent around the Mediterranean and then to Great Britain. In Britain he was given the orders to find the missionary Dr. Livingstone in Africa. David Livingstone showed his perseverance and resilience from the start where as a ten-year old he was put to work in the cotton mills near Glasgow, Scotland. Unlike the other children who often died or grew up illiterate, he taught himself by reading books until he reac ...

A Farewell To Arms - Response
[ view this term paper ]Words: 748 | Pages: 3

... as I so often do when I finish a book that I want to go on forever. This is infinitely more difficult with a book that has no conclusion, and FTA leaves a reader not only emotionally exhausted but also just as alone as Henry and with nowhere to go. The entire work was aware of where it was going and what was going to happen next, and then to stop the way it did was unfair. Now, I've read enough essays while deciding which would be the topic for my class presentation that I know many people see that the unfairness of life and the insignificance of our free will are apparently the most important themes in the book, ...

Familiar Mysteries
[ view this term paper ]Words: 669 | Pages: 3

... in order to satisfy our own needs and fill in that empty portion of our understanding of the world that has never been able to be explained or comprehended.Also , according to her , myths , as a whole , occupy a very significant place in our being.They serve as personal guidance in peoples' lives , support or challenge the social order , create a sense of physical order of the surrounding , and help people accept life's mysteries.The book is an extensive analysis on mythology and is structured of four mian sections.Each section represents a different aspect of the science such as The Symbolic Language of Myth , The H ...

The Sun Also Rises: A Hero
[ view this term paper ]Words: 545 | Pages: 2

... Jake Barnes, his friend, that he doesn't enjoy watching bullfighting and he thinks it is abnormal. This is a good example of why Cohn is not a Hemingway Hero, because only a real man would like to watch a bullfight. Jake Barnes doesn't consider Cohn his best friend and can be found crasking jokes at Robert Cohn. Cohn is the kind of person that intrudes on people. He doesn't see thar he is sometimes unwanted at times. Antoher reason that Robert Cohn is not considered a hero is because he doesn't understand the art of sports. Cohn doesn't really like to box, but learns to, so that he can defend himself. Robert is ...

The Bluest Eye - Protrait Of A
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1410 | Pages: 6

... of her social consciousness. In The Bluest Eye, Morrison’s uses her critical eye to reveal to the reader the evil that is caused by a society that is indoctrinated by the inherent goodness and beauty of whiteness and the ugliness of blackness. In an interview with Milwaukee Journal staff writer Fannie Leflore, Morrison said that she “confronted and critiqued the devastation of racial images” in The Bluest Eye. The narrative structure of The Bluest Eye is important in revealing just how pervasive and destructive the “racialization” (Morrison’s term for the racism that is a part ...

What We Talk About When We Tal
[ view this term paper ]Words: 945 | Pages: 4

... drinking gin and making small talk. The real story begins when the topic of love comes up. Terri, Mel’s wife, was once married to an abusive man, who “...went on dragging me (Terri) around the living room. My head kept knocking on things.... What do you do with love like that?.... People are different, Mel. Sure, sometimes he may have acted crazy. Okay. But he loved me. In his own way maybe, but he loved me.” (pp 110-111) To the reader, it seems hard to believe that there could be love in a relationship where one partner physically abuses the other. However, in Terri’s case, both ...

Catch 22 And Good As Gold - Sa
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2538 | Pages: 10

... is the struggle of one man, Yossarian, to survive the war. Throughout this novel Yossarian is trying to escape the war, and in order to do so he does many improper things. Good as Gold is about a Jewish man named Gold. It is about Gold’s experiences with the government while being employed in the White House. It also deals in detail with Gold’s family problems and Gold’s struggle to write a book on the contemporary Jewish society. Throughout these two novels, Catch-22 and Good as Gold, Heller criticizes many institutions. In Good as Gold it is the White House and government as a whole, and in Catch-22 it is the m ...

Antiheroism In Hamlet
[ view this term paper ]Words: 834 | Pages: 4

... or an environment. In William Shakespeare's Hamlet, the protagonist, Hamlet, is depicted as an antihero. One main factor which gives Hamlet such a label is that he draws sympathy, as well as admiration, from the reader since Hamlet feels the pain of losing his father along with the burden and obstacles in avenging his murder. Act four places a special emphasis on Hamlet's intelligence. In scene two, Hamlet is very insolent and rude towards Rosencrantz and Guildenstern with such phrases as, That I can keep your counsel and not, mine own. Beside, to be demanded of a sponge, what replication should be made by the s ...

A Date With Kosinski
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1595 | Pages: 6

... Date" is in fact almost rated X novel because Levanter makes love to many women through his whole life, all of which are described in detail in the novel. Kosinski writes Levanter as a secret man and many times never revealing who he really is inside. What's interesting about the novel is that Kosinski and Levanter share many things in common. Kosinski's life and memories are scattered throughout the book giving the reader a window to see his life through the eyes of Levanter. Jerzy Kosinski was born in Lodz, Poland in 1933. Kosinski was separated from his parents shortly after Nazi Germany's invasion of Lodz, an ...

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