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Help With Legal Issues Papers

Legalization Of Marijuana
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2681 | Pages: 10

... The following consists of pure cannabis resin. Marijuana is not a narcotic and is not mentally or physically addicting drug. One can use mild cannabis preparations such as marijuana in small amounts for years without physical or mental deterioration. Marijuana serves to diminish inhibitions and acts as an euphoriant. Only once in a while will it produce actual hallucinations. More potent preparations of cannabis such as hashish can induce psychedelic experiences identical to those observed after ingestion of potent hallucinogens such as LSD. Some who smoke marijuana feel no effects; others feel relax ...

Law Of Nations: An Overview
[ view this term paper ]Words: 979 | Pages: 4

... departures states do from international law. This essay will reflect his plea to return to the norms that international law provides; it will also discuss and identify the moral dilemmas that are present with international law and its relationship with states. The term "laisser aller" or "letting go" is used by Friedrich Nietzsche to describe this state of nature, in which man resides absently of law. His use of the term represents the struggle morality wages against nature and reason. He equates morality in any form, with "tyranny and unreason." Nietzsche proposes that man's natural existence be, in essenc ...

Legalizing Same Sex Marriages
[ view this term paper ]Words: 474 | Pages: 2

... the bill; its passage by the legislature represented a huge step for same-sex marriage activists. The most notable possibility for legalizing same-sex marriages in the near future is in Hawaii, where supporters of same-sex marriage have won a major judicial victory. Currently there is a high tolerance for homosexuals throughout the United States. Judges do not need the popularity of the people on the Federal circuit court level to make new precedent. Despite significant opposition, largely from conservatives and religious groups, same-sex marriages may soon become commonplace. The harm in this situation is tha ...

Phencyclidine: The Dawn Of A New Age
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3325 | Pages: 13

... the scourge of the underground drug community, and the focal point of intense scientific research. Parke Davis and Company did not know how terrible, and wonderful, a discovery they made that day; but our world has been changed forever because of it.quite possibly for the better. The Dust of Angels Phencyclidine, more commonly known as PCP, is a polycyclic compound belonging to the arylcyclohexylamine class of chemicals [figure 1.0] (Souza 1993). In pure form, it is a white powder which readily dissolves in water. The cyclohexamines are known for their the potent neurological effects, with PCP being the most poten ...

Legalization Of Drugs (for)
[ view this term paper ]Words: 568 | Pages: 3

... feel that it will increase the amount of drug use in our country. They say that many cases of drug users who have quit, quit because of troubles with the law. Legalization would eliminate the legal force that discourages the users from using or selling drugs. They also say that by making drugs legal, the people that have never tried drugs before for fear of getting caught by the law, will have no reason to be afraid anymore and they will become users. However, making drugs legal will reduce the great amounts of money spent on enforcement every year. Drug dealers and users are one step ahead of the enforcemen ...

Legalization Of Marijuana
[ view this term paper ]Words: 219 | Pages: 1

... we could concentrate drug education in schools on the more grievously damaging drugs (heroin, cocaine, LSD). The only long term effects marijuana has on a person are the same as with cigarettes. No one would dare prohibit the sale and possession of those, and pot isn't treated with an array of chemicals. It's just picked, dried, and smoked. Marijuana has similar short term effects as those of beer, but more relaxing. Marijuana tends to mellow a person, while alcohol might make someone violent. Plus alcohol contrivutes to brain and liver damage. I can not say that I completely advocate the recreational uses of ...

Police Brutality
[ view this term paper ]Words: 722 | Pages: 3

... is not, police brutality should be addressed. The use of excessive force may or may not be large problem, but it should be looked into by both the police and the public. For those people who feel racism is not a factor in causing the use of excessive force, here is a startling fact. In Tampa Bay, Florida, five men died while in the custody of the Tampa Bay police Department (C.C. 27). The thing is, the Tampa Bay Police Department is made up of mostly white officers, but of the five men who died, none where white. Four of the five men that died where African Americans, and the other man was a Mexican National. ...

The Death Penalty: To Be Or Not To Be...
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1750 | Pages: 7

... I see and hear in the media are reports about horrible crimes committed by New Yorkers. As George Pettinico states in his article " Crime and punishment: America changes it's mind ": The media's extensive coverage of crime, especially the most brutal and horrific cases have heightened the public's fear and anger over this issue to a near frenzy. When asked in January of this year, " How often do you see reports of violent crime on television ? " 68 % replied " almost every day ". Although the media have played an important role in raising the public's awareness of lawlessness, crime in America is ...

Should Steroids Be Banned From Society?
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1811 | Pages: 7

... drug that will make him the idol of all his classmates. Being such an attractive drug, as shown in the analogy above, and seeming harmless to the unaware user, steroids can have a potentially jeopardous effect. Consistently, users, new and experienced, have no knowledge to the dangerous consequences' steroids can have on their minds and bodies. Although steroids cause minimal deaths in our society, banning of steroids is purely justified because steroids have extremely perilous side effects on the unsuspecting user. Though steroids are known as a somewhat dangerous substance, they are legal to possess a ...

Date Rape
[ view this term paper ]Words: 756 | Pages: 3

... he has taken her out for dinner and a movie or if a woman acts in a friendly manner towards him. The presence of drugs and alcohol are also a contributing factor to the occurrence of . An example of that occurs commonly, especially within a college campus, is when both the man and women are drunk. In an environment such as a college or university, parties are commonplace for students. It is a place where friends can gather, listen to loud music, and get loaded. Typically, a man will coerce a woman back to his apartment or dorm. This is dangerous for both parties. The man may think that the woman is leading him on, ...

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