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Help With Legal Issues Papers

Persuasive Essay: Capital Punishment
[ view this term paper ]Words: 832 | Pages: 4

... "wrongly accused", and the rights of the convicted. But how often do these concepts creep into the public's mind when it hears of our 'fair, trusty' government taking away someone's breathing rights? The Bible states "Thou shalt not kill," and this being a sin should have to be amended within oneself. However, the Bible also states "Don't judge others' personal convictions." It is the government's responsibility to punish people that disobey the law to keep our world in tact but is it their right to take away their lives? It is a Christian's responsibility to point out to those who sin that they do so and this ...

Capital Punishment
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1039 | Pages: 4

... face a firing squad. Then in 1888, New York directed the construction of an "electric chair" (Flanders 11). It was believed that the new harnessed power of electricity would prove to be a more scientific and humane means of execution. The first electrocution took place in New York in 1890. In the past, capital crimes were much different than they are now. Robbery and the selling of alcohol to underage customers was a serious capital crime (McCuen and Baumgart 21). Rape was also a crime where the criminal was sentenced to death. In America, only thirty-seven states authorize the death penalty. In most of ...

Capital Punishment: Injustice Of Society
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1401 | Pages: 6

... all who are involved in its enforcement, as well as its victim.”(Stewart 1) Perhaps the most frequent argument for capital punishment is that of deterrence. The prevailing thought is that imposition of the death penalty will act to dissuade other criminals from committing violent acts. Numerous studies have been created attempting to prove this belief; however, “[a]ll the evidence taken together makes it hard to be confident that capital punishment deters more than long prison terms do.”(Cavanagh 4) Going ever farther, Bryan Stevenson, the executive director of the Montgomery based Equal Justice Initiative, h ...

What To Do When You're A Crime Victim
[ view this term paper ]Words: 900 | Pages: 4

... feel that it has been burglarized, DO NOT ENTER, but go to another location and call the police. Let the police search the property to make sure that no suspect is still present. Upon entering your home or business, do not touch things unnecessarily as you may disturb or destroy fingerprint and other evidence. Inform the police of anything that has been moved from its original position so that it can be checked for prints. Notify the police if you find anything that is not yours that may have been left behind by the burglar such as tools, clothing, etc. (Driver's licenses and other identification have been left beh ...

The Need To Legalize Pot
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1074 | Pages: 4

... doctors can prescribe marijuana, heroin, and LSD for patients when there is "medicinal value" (California 62). The passing of these two propositions has also helped the release of prisoners convicted of drug possession (---). With jail capacity already overflowing, if you were to lock up a dealer, you therefore create a job opening. Bob Randall, president of the Alliance for the Cannabis Therapeutics, a Washington-based patients' right group, says as many as five-million sick Americans might benefit from the legal access to marijuana. Marijuana has been found to: relieve nausea and stimulate appetite in peop ...

The Legalization Of Marijuana: Pros And Cons
[ view this term paper ]Words: 799 | Pages: 3

... them from going blind, and cancer patients for whom it alleviates the severe nausea that is often accompanies chemotherapy and sometimes makes lifesaving treatment impossible. Due to all these lobbying groups which show substantial evidence that marijuana can be used as a prescribed drug. Also many advocates who are pro marijuana complain that morphine and cocaine are legal and are very dangerous drugs, that brings up the question why not legalize marijuana as medical drug which is proven to be less dangerous than cocaine and morphine. Lobbying groups in a San Diego, California , council committee unanimo ...

Inform About Sex Offenders: Yes Or No?
[ view this term paper ]Words: 445 | Pages: 2

... have known, and if she should have done this her daughter would still be alive today. Sure it might be nice to know, then you could take the right precautions, but if the system does its job then you should have to worry about Jesse as much as any other person. It is not fair to the child to limit the way he or she can play just because a sex offender is free. I feel that the police department has an obligation to make sure everybody that wants to know about the half way house does. It shouldn't matter who lives in the house. They just got out of prison, so they must have committed some sort of bad crime. Now ...

The Pros And Cons About Legalizing Marijuana
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2445 | Pages: 9

... and may be led to believe facts that are not true. Marijuana and Medicine Both pro and anti-marijuana groups have discussed whether or not marijuana can be used for medicinal purposes. Mainstream groups do not believe that there are any convincing reasons to make marijuana a treatment to sick patients. Their position is that marijuana can have harmful long-term effects. The Anti-Legalization Forum explains that some of these effects are: impairment of the immune system due to the inability of T-cells to battle off diseases, delaying puberty in both males and females, and unhealthy and smaller children born t ...

The Death Penalty: The Deterrent
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1566 | Pages: 6

... happened to be home when a man named Luis Vera burglarized her apartment in Brooklyn. "Yeah, I shot her," Vera admitted...And I knew I wouldn't go to the chair." (Lowe 3) As the above passage reads, why should we waste our time with these heartless and arrogant people? Murderers should not be allowed to walk the streets after being found guilty of such violent crimes. "To protect the innocent and transfer the fear and burden of crime to the criminal element where it belongs, we must demand that capital punishment be imposed when justified and expanded to cover terrible crimes in addition to murder" (Lee 163). ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 768 | Pages: 3

... possible therapeutic uses of Ergot. Hoffman continued his experiments, but never came in contact with the crystals until1943. (LSD can be absorbed through the skin.) Hoffman then sent LSD around the world to be tested and investigated to find medical uses. Lysergic acid deviates were found to relieve migraines and control postpartum hemorrhage because it causes veins to contract, but also caused gangrene of the limbs, and so further experimentation with the drug was abandoned. In the late 50's, however, LSD was used by the CIA as an interrogation drug for spies. However, it was proven to be unreliable and was lat ...

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