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Help With Arts and Theater Papers

The Mikado: Criticism The English Society And Beliefs
[ view this term paper ]Words: 554 | Pages: 3

... logic of the false dilemmas that when the Mikado declared each judge must be his own executioner he meant the executioner had to cut his own head off. This declaration of execution represents English acquiescence of brutality and the unreasonable laws and culture. William Schwenck Gilbert plays wording nicely on making jokes to the Japanese, but indeed to the English people. In The Mikado, the sparking lyrics and the vagaries of love set in a fanciful Japanese society. For example: KO-KO (Lord High Executioner of Titipu) is engaged to YUM-YUM (Ward of KO-KO). Even YUM-YUM doesn't like KO-KO, she can't refuse him be ...

Hamlet: Theories Of Hamlet's Delay In Killing Claudius
[ view this term paper ]Words: 811 | Pages: 3

... not kill Claudius because he himself wished to be in Claudius' place. Hamlet delays in killing Claudius not only because he's suffering from an Oedipal complex but also because he is far too sane or practical to commit an act of murder. In other words, basic sanity keeps him from killing Claudius. In society we are taught that those who commit murder are sick or insane. However, Hamlet's society believes the son of a murdered noble is responsible for avenging his father. When the ghost of King Hamlet appears and tells his son Claudius killed him by pouring poison in his ear, Hamlet does not act upon the word of t ...

Sleepless In Seattle
[ view this term paper ]Words: 287 | Pages: 2

... Today, paying large sums of money for each visit to the theater is tough to keep up. The audience expects an extra special performance each and every visit. I want to feel good as I leave. This satisfies my willingness to put out a large expence for this type of entertainment. When I left "Sleepless in Seattle", I was in heaven. I had the feeling I wanted. They movie brought me that "believer" feeling. I feel that the purpose of this movie was to show the audience that fate is alive and well. I was shown that there is someone out there for each and every one of us. I went to the movies with family. This was impor ...

Unethical Behavior Role Modeling In Death Of A Salesman
[ view this term paper ]Words: 759 | Pages: 3

... the relationship of Willy Loman and his two sons, Biff and Happy. Rather than having played a positive role model for his sons Willy Loman, established a poor standard of morality. For example, when Biff was in high school he was the star of the football team. One afternoon he stole a football from the locker room. When Willy became cognizant of Biff's actions, Wily did not punish Biff. Instead, he told Biff that the coach was likely to congratulate Biff for his show of initiative (29, 30). Similarly, at another point in the play Biff and Happy stole lumber from a nearby construction site. Instead of teachi ...

Macbeth: Macbeth A Tragic Hero
[ view this term paper ]Words: 460 | Pages: 2

... Malcolm the Prince of Cumberland, Macbeth decided on the murder of Duncan. When Duncan arrived at Inverness, Macbeth controled his ambition for the time being and did not kill Duncan. The failing of his decision was soon reflected by Lady Macbeth who called him a coward. From then on, after the murder of Duncan, Macbeth entered into a life of evil. Since he overcomed his good nature, he no longer needed to be with his friend Banquo. He wanted to protect his ambition, by killing the king, and now he killed Banquo, due to the prediction of what the witches said about Banquo's son becoming the king. Macbeth wanted ...

Paul Bernardo
[ view this term paper ]Words: 786 | Pages: 3

... teenage years became slowly infatuated with women mostly because of his obsession with porn films. At the time film was enough to feed his growing desire for kinky sex. He was content to just watch and not act out what he saw on the videos. Through the steady diet of grotesque video's he became of aware of the type of women he wanted through what he saw. He lusted a women who was submissive and eager to please. This was the beginning of his abnormal sexual behavior. One year out of high school, Paul began his journey into the world of sexual control were he dated a sixteen year old high school student. This ...

Oedipus' Journey For The Truth
[ view this term paper ]Words: 573 | Pages: 3

... must find the killer of the late King Liaus and punish him. Oedipus has some personal motivations too. He wants to be a good king of Thebes and wants to be famous for saving the city from the plague as he did the sphinx. The connection between the play and information is that by gathering all the facts and evidence and understanding them, Oedipus can begin to solve the puzzle to saving the city from the plague. Knowledge is the knowing and the understanding of the facts and information you have gathered. This knowledge will amount to something useful. Organized facts can be applied to the solution to the ...

Macbeth: Character Analysis Of Macbeth
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1061 | Pages: 4

... Like valor's minion carved out his passage/ Till he faced the slave;"). Macbeth was even undiscouraged when he was attacked by the King of Norway, "assisted by that most disloyal traitor, the thane of Cawdor." Lady Macbeth convinced her husband to murder Duncan by putting his manhood and courage at stake (I,7, "When you durst do it, then you were a man;/ And to be more than what you were, you would be so much more the man"). As Macbeth started degrading he lost some bravery (IV, 1, "That I may tell pale- hearted fear it lies"). In his fight with Macduff, some of his old courage and strength returned. Macbeth could ...

BONGO.. Always American Made - Analysis Of Bongo Jeans Ad
[ view this term paper ]Words: 550 | Pages: 2

... The young lady has obviously not lost a single hand. She is fully clothed and seems to be in total control of the game and her life. This makes sense since the magazine the ad appears in is geared towards teenage girls. She sits in a somewhat sensual pose, leaning forward, with a look of confidence and achievement on her face. She obviously knows that her hand is a winner, and that her companion will soon be without even his shoes. On the table are two glasses of milk. This is one of the most powerful images in the ad. I believe they are there to counteract the sexual overtones and idea of risk-t ...

Hamlet: Revenge Or Scruples?
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1203 | Pages: 5

... We might look at the ghost of the late king Hamlet as the part of us that wants to take vengeance into our own minds. Like the little voice in our heads that tells us to do something, when in our hearts we know it is wrong. When Horatio, Barnardo, and Marcellus tell Hamlet of their sighting of the ghost, Hamlet agrees to join them that night and see if he can observe the ghost firsthand and possibly speak with it. That night when Horatio, Marcellus, and Hamlet sight the ghost, it beckons Hamlet to leave the other two and speak to it in privacy. Hamlet follows, despite the protests of the others, who fear it ...

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