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Buddhism And The Four Noble Truths

Part 1 of Paper
....mantic aspects of what we have studied about their culture. Buddism as a philosphy and way of life is unique and utterly captivating. For those interested in learning more about and perhaps following Buddhist teachings there are several important questions, the answers to which must be understood in order to progress ....

Part 2 of Paper
....lightenment. In order to help lead us toward enlightenment, Buddha created a set of guidlines which he called the Four Noble Truths. THE FOUR NOBLE TRUTHS: 1. The Truth of misery. 2. The Truth that misery originates within us from craving for pleasure. 3. The Truth that misery can be eliminated. 4. The Truth that elimination is the result of following the middle way(Eightfold Path). 1. right mode of seeing things. 2. right thinking. 3. right speech. 4. right a....

Number of words: 913 - Approximate pages: 4

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