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The Northwest Ordinance Of 1787

Part 1 of Paper
....ed the current states of Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan and part of Minnesota. (Northwest Ordinance, www.Indiana/ The plan for the government and citizens was in the least a radical one. All of the political beliefs and practices of Republicanism were attempted to be established for e....

Part 2 of Paper
....the separation of church and state had been previously outlined, the Ordinance did not mention if it was ok to teach creationism in schools. These problems are still being debated on. (Northwest Ordinance packet, 40-41) The Northwest Ordinance ensured the loyalty of the territories by promising protection for them when they could not protect themselves and ensuring them of eventual equality and self-government. (Northwest Ordinance packet, 42-43) The Articles of Compact of the Northwest Or....

Number of words: 1113 - Approximate pages: 5

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