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Help With World History Papers

Atomic Bomb
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1170 | Pages: 5

... of casualties. What would have happened had the A-bomb not been used? The most obvious thing is that the war would have continued. U.S forces; therefore, would have had to invade the home island of Japan. Imagine the number of casualties that could have occurred if this would have happened Also, our forces would not only have to fight off the Japanese military, but they would have to defend themselves against the civilians of Japan as well. It was also a fact that the Japanese government had been equipping the commoners with any kind of weapon they could get their hands on. It is true that this could mean a Ja ...

Iraq And United States
[ view this term paper ]Words: 389 | Pages: 2

... interprets the laws and makes sure they are constitutional. The Executive branch enforces the laws, and can veto bills passed by Congress. The highest level of power in Iraq belongs to the Revolutionary Command Council. Its responsibilities are to elect the president from its members, make up the laws, and elect a vice president. The members of the Revolutionary Command Council assume full immunity and nothing can be taken against any member without a majority vote from the council. There is also a National Council made up of representatives from different sectors, who ratify laws made by the president. Iraq als ...

Imperialism 2
[ view this term paper ]Words: 832 | Pages: 4

... however didn’t want to gods the English offered in return. The English began trading opium in return for the goods. Although it was illegal, many of the money hungry merchants excepted the opium in return for the things that were valuable to the English. Because of this, the first Anglo-Chinese war erupted. China underestimated the power of England and was defeated. At the end of the war, they were forced to sign the Treaty of Nanjing (1842). The treaty was one of the first treaties known as the “Unfair Treaties.” Under this treaty, china gave up the island of Hong Kong, abolished the licensed monopoly system of tra ...

Mathematical Realism And Its D
[ view this term paper ]Words: 396 | Pages: 2

... find it mined boggling that Hersh believes math is created. A mathematician can’t imagine an alien not knowing two plus two is four. Hersh argues that all math isn’t based on facts. He says there is no proof that two plus two is four, and when a mathematician argues with him by giving him math rules Hersh replies by saying “I find it so astonishing that a good mathematician would so misunderstand the nature of proof.” Hersh goes on and uses many analogies that attempt to disprove mathematics, but mathematicians believe the math is something to be found, not created. Mathematicians describe math as something to ...

The Period After The French Revolution
[ view this term paper ]Words: 486 | Pages: 2

... up. Other social and economic reforms initiated during this period, included, eliminating imprisonment for debt and introducing the metric system. “The reform and codification of the diverse provincial and local law, which culminated in the Napoleonic Code, reflected many of the principles and changes introduced during the Revolution” (Walker, 45), equality before the law, right of habeas corpus, and provisions for fair trial. Trial procedure provided for a board of Judges and a jury for criminal cases; an accused person was considered innocent until proven guilty and was guaranteed counsel. Most of these ideas w ...

Confucianism, Daoism And Legal
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1210 | Pages: 5

... my reasoning, I find that Confucianism and Daoism could be paralleled in many ways to find several common grounds. On the other hand, Legalism goes on to take a more unique approach which was much different from the previous two. Kongzi (Confucius, a Latinized name) was born in 551 B.C.E., to a poor family of the lower nobility. Throughout his life, he relentlessly tried to gain an office with a prominent ruler of the time who was willing to adopt his various concepts. Unfortunately, Confucius died in 479 B.C.E., before such a change ever took place. However, he succeeded in winning over a handful of devote fo ...

Bureacracy In Japan
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1079 | Pages: 4

... and the creation of very close personal and financial linkages between government and industry served as the driving force in creating a unique Japanese political economy where business and politics became essentially indistinguishable. Politicians and the bureaucracy were considered to be the most politically influential forces in Japan. However, there was more emphasis on the politicians, especially among the LDP members. In the private sector, the LDP provided special benefits in return for consistent political support. For example, there was extensive reemployment of senior bureaucrats in big business a ...

Cuban Missile Crisis 3
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1369 | Pages: 5

... flying over Cuba spotted the first ballistic missile. United States president John F. Kennedy announced a naval blockade to prevent the arrival of more missiles. He demanded that the USSR dismantle and remove the weapons and declared a quarantine zone around Cuba. For several tense days Soviet vessels avoided the quarantine zone, and Khrushchev and Kennedy communicated through diplomatic channels. Khrushchev finally agreed to dismantle and remove the weapons from Cuba and offered the United States on-site inspection in return for a guarantee not to invade Cuba. Kennedy accepted and halted the blockade. However ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 305 | Pages: 2

... behavior. There is no “universal truth” and objective standards should not be applied to criticize one societal code more than another. In his collection of almost scandalous stories, Boccaccio portrays 14th century society. Perhaps he is a little overboard in his descriptions, but this gives the 2 readers an opportunity to distance themselves from the material and better analyze the point that Boccaccio wanted to get across. He wanted to provide a forum into the study of culture during his time. As a society, we have learned to deem different types of behavior either acceptable or unacceptable. Howe ...

American Studies
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1839 | Pages: 7

... the past. On the other hand, there was also the Linda Kerber essay that we had also read at the beginning of the semester. Kerber was saying in her article that there was something that was wrong with the myth and symbolist methodology. She also talked about how there are new approaches and diversity in the field and how it has altered the ways that practitioners write, teach, and learn. What interested me most in her article is how was quicker to welcome women and ethnic studies. I believe the answer to this is simply that the women represent a larger group and they are more out spoken. Kerber also saw a great de ...

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