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Help With Health Papers

AIDS - Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
[ view this term paper ]Words: 806 | Pages: 3

... infected with HIV may not even be aware that they carry and can spread the virus. Combating it is a major challenge to biomedical scientists and health-care providers. HIV infection and AIDS represent among the most pressing public-policy and public- health problems worldwide. COSTS I think that the AIDS epidemic is having a profound impact on many aspects of medicine and health care. The U.S. Public Health Service estimates that in 1993, the lifetime cost of treating a person with AIDS from infection to death is approximately $119,000. Outpatient care, including medication, visits to doctors, home health aids, and ...

Biological And Chemical Weapons!!
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3587 | Pages: 14

... weapons. They can kill 100 000 people at once. Biological warfare uses living organisms, mainly for military purposes. These agents could be either viral, bacterial, fungal, rickettsial or even protozoan. Biological agents are preferred over chemical agents at times because of the fact they have the potentials to mutate, reproduce, multiply and spread over an extensive geographical territory through wind, animal and insect transmission. Also, unlike chemical weapons, due to its’ lively state biological agents tend to find niches, and continue to grow exponentially without termination. Because it hardly reach ...

The Effects Of Altitude On Human Physiology
[ view this term paper ]Words: 3674 | Pages: 14

... to obtain oxygen from the atmosphere. If the adaptive responses to this stressor are inadequate the performance of body systems may decline dramatically. If prolonged the results can be serious or even fatal. In looking at the effect of altitude on body functioning we first must understand what occurs in the external environment at higher elevations and then observe the important changes that occur in the internal environment of the body in response. HIGH ALTITUDE In discussing altitude change and its effect on the body mountaineers generally define altitude according to the scale of high (8,000 - 12,000 fe ...

The Trip: Journey To The Center Of Terence McKenna's Inner Self.
[ view this term paper ]Words: 340 | Pages: 2

... goes on to tell how this trip affected his life and how it was such a complete shock that it caused the literal turning inside-out of his intellectual universe. He was knocked off his feet and set himself the goal of understanding this. His quest led him all over the world, exploring traditions of magic-religious drug usage. In the years since his fateful encounter with the self-transforming machine elves of hyperspace, McKenna has fashioned his mental Merzbau on the New Age lecture circuit, where he has earned the benediction of the psychedelic High Priest himself, who dubbed him “the Timothy Leary of the 90's” ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 575 | Pages: 3

... these, for a physician or other caregiver to extend mercy to a suffering patient may mean to refrain from procedures that cause further suffering-provided, of course, that the treatment offers the patient no overriding benefits. The ph s performed even though a patient's survival is highly unlikely; although patients in arrest are unconscious at the time of resuscitation, it can be a brutal procedure, and if the patient regains consciousness, its aftermath can involve considerable pain. In many such cases, the patient will die whether or not the treatments are performed. In some cases, however, the principle of merc ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 659 | Pages: 3

... and kill the host only if it occupies or attaches to an organ so as to interfere with a critical function. The cells of benign tumours closely resemble the cells of the tissue of origin. Surface benign tumours include warts and moles. Malignant Tumours A malignant tumour always kills (unless treated) because of its invasive and metastatic characteristics. The tumour grows locally by spreading into surrounding tissues. Solid tumours, which develop in the breast, colon, lung, and other organs, contain an inner core with high pressure zones that compress and collapse blood vessels, often preventing the ...

Needle Exchange Programs
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2707 | Pages: 10

... sprung up to address drug injection drug users" (Perlman A9). Needle exchange programs are a simple, cost effective way to reduce needle sharing, decrease the transmission of HIV/AIDS, increase the safe disposal of used needles, provide information to injecting drug users (IDU's), and help others obtain drug treatment.(Knox A1) Most needle exchange programs operate on the principle of "a one for one exchange" (Wren 2).The user receives one clean needle for every used needle he/she brings. The vast majority of needle exchange sites are storefronts, street exchanges by outreach workers, and scheduled mobile van stops ...

Opposing Euthanasia
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2069 | Pages: 8

... with the divine plan. For this and many other reasons I oppose euthanasia. In the rest of my position paper I will support my argument against euthanasia with evidence. Euthanasia is the practice of painlessly putting to death persons who have incurable, painful, or distressing diseases or handicaps. It comes from the Greek words for "good" and "death", and is commonly called mercy killing. Voluntary euthanasia may occur when incurably ill persons ask their physician, friend or relative, to put them to death. The patients or their relatives may ask a doctor to withhold treatment and let them die. Many critics o ...

Alzheimer's Disease
[ view this term paper ]Words: 382 | Pages: 2

... a person's memory may become impaired and they become forgetful, depression may set in, personality may change, and simple tasks become difficult. The dementia interferes with normal functions. Memory failure was once thought to be a normal process of aging, but studies of the elderly indicate that it is the result of some disease process. In fact the symptoms of were dismissed as normal consequences of human aging. After that, in the 1980's, AD came to be recognized as the most common cause of intellectual deterioration in the elderly and the middle-aged. Now it is also recognized as the major single ...

Ban Smoking
[ view this term paper ]Words: 671 | Pages: 3

... health. One out of four deaths of people thirty-five to sixty- four years old result from smoking. On the average, every cigarette takes five and a half minutes of life away from a smoker. (Bartecchi, 46) Although restrictions have been placed on the use of cigarettes in public areas such as restaurants and airplanes, the US has yet to place a ban on smoking. The government frequently inspects items sold to the American public. Commercial products that may be dangerous such as food, cars, and toys have been recalled in order for alterations. In the August 1995 issue of consumer reports, twenty- four products were r ...

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