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Help With English Papers

The Rich Brother, Pete Exposed
[ view this term paper ]Words: 856 | Pages: 4

... surface. While Pete seemed to live a normal, gratifying life at home, his excursion to pick up his brother Donald leads to some thought about Pete's inner-self. When Pete comes to get Donald, he learns that Donald owes money to some people for sandwiches and coffee. He quickly thrusts his hand into his pocket to throw one hundred dollars in Donald's hand. Donald, acting as if appalled by the money, tried to give some of it back to his brother, yet Pete shoves it right back at him calling the money, "nickels and dimes." While he knows that his brother's pockets are empty, it seems as if Pete enjoys forcing money i ...

Great Expectations By Charles
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1282 | Pages: 5

... funny.' This note does seem rather out of place - Admittedly, the beginning of the story is quite hilarious. But it seems awkward that he really intended for Joe to appear to the reader as a "foolish man." However, this sets the tone for a story which is at times funny, but equally sinister and often harrowing. One of the most striking things one encounters while reading the book, are the changes Pip goes through once he has moved to London to be raised a gentleman. He hardly writes to Joe or Biddy, the only two characters in the book who expressed their love for him, and also he only seems to care for money and ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 3142 | Pages: 12

... was worshipped in many temples all over Greece and Rome. Birth of a Hero The legacy of began when Zeus, the chief god, fell in love with a mortal woman named Alcmene. When Alcmene’s husband, Amphitryon, was away, Zeus made her pregnant. This made the goddess Hera so angry that she tried to prevent the baby from being born. When Alcmene gave birth to the baby, she named him Herakles (Romans pronounced it ""). The name Herakles means "glorious gift of Hera". This made Hera even angrier. When was an infant, Hera sent two serpents to destroy him in his cradle. However, strangled them, one in each hand, b ...

Brave New World
[ view this term paper ]Words: 726 | Pages: 3

... to cure their bad habits and phobias. This is just matter of opinion, but brainwashing is probably going on behind the scenes of our government. The final example of prophecy is genetically altering embryos. In the book they altered the embryos to make some not as smart as others. They also did it to put the people in different caste systems. They also, not mentioned in the book, prevented diseases from the altering of the embryos. Certainly there were many things that Aldous Huxley prophesied that came true. There were many examples of fantasy in the book, . The first is the thought of no mothers and fathe ...

Lit. Crit. Jaws
[ view this term paper ]Words: 2232 | Pages: 9

... an author. Benchley was educated at Harvard University. Some of Benchley’s interests are Diving,tennis, wildlife, the theater, and films. In addition to all this Benchley has a love for the ocean. Benchley has been a novelist, a reporter, an editor, staff assistance to the president, and has worked in the White House doing other various things. There is a particular interesting moment in Benchley's life. When he was working in the White House, the president picked up some of his work to read it and said something along the lines of “Bull shit”. The president basically called it trash. The majority of his n ...

East Of Eden By John Steinbeck
[ view this term paper ]Words: 962 | Pages: 4

... told Mr. Wiggins that he wanted a gallon of ice cream, and that he never had enough ice cream in his whole life. At that point Jefferson confided something in Mr. Wiggins, something that I didn't see Jefferson doing often at all in this book. "I saw a slight smile come to his face, and it was not a bitter smile. Not bitter at all"; this is the first instance in which Jefferson breaks his somber barrier and shows emotions. At that point he became a man, not a hog. As far as the story tells, he never showed any sort of emotion before the shooting or after up until that point. A hog can't show emotions, but a ma ...

Animal Farm 7
[ view this term paper ]Words: 540 | Pages: 2

... of people would find that a quite suitable representation. Politicians have always been reputable as dirty, dishonest, and simply undesirable individuals. Pigs are among the filthiest animals to roam the earth. Some would say the same about politicians. I, for one feel that this comparison is very fitting. The second main comparison Orwell makes uses Boxer, the work horse, to represent the Russian working class. Laborious individuals and those who possess great physical strength are often said to be “as strong as a horse.” Boxer is both hardworking and extremely powerful. He was able to do as ...

Lisa Bright And Dark By John N
[ view this term paper ]Words: 441 | Pages: 2

... altogether. Lisa’s friends notice her change and take it into their own hands to give her "therapy" because Lisa’s parents are not willing to accept her sickness. As the depression progresses, many frightening incidents happen, but Lisa’s friends stick with her, helping to give strength to Lisa as well as themselves. Lisa’s friends stick with her when no one else will. One incident happened where Lisa went into an almost trance-like episode and then proceeded to attack one of her three friends. Even through the difficult times, Lisa’s friends would not give up on her. The basi ...

Shawshank Redemption And Film
[ view this term paper ]Words: 747 | Pages: 3

... and routine and removing all elements of individuality within a person, "you come here for life and that's exactly what they take from you". The opening shots of the prison as Dufresne arrives to begin his double life sentences, are ones of an expanse of gray lifeless concrete blocks and bars. The surroundings however are picturesque, the true beauty of nature in bloom, no more evident than when the men are tarring the roof in summer. The effect of this is to immediately evoke within the viewer, the idea that Shawshank exists to contain individuals from the outside world, to torment them with the beauty of nature ...

Langston Hughes
[ view this term paper ]Words: 480 | Pages: 2

... of life and afraid of the adults in his life… By the end of the poem this child is now an adult himself who appears to be insecure, and perhaps, afraid of life itself. This man portrays a sad, non-confident, scared life as we can see on the lines 1 to 3. We experience first hand the lack of control, the terrorizing feelings this door holds for this child: The simple silly terror of a doorknob on a door that turns to let in life From lines 4 to 10, we can assume that we are reading of a child who is terrorized of the grownups that live with him; perhaps he is an abused child: on two feet standing, walking, talkin ...

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