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Help With Biography Papers

Doc Holliday
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1383 | Pages: 6

... staying up long hours, drinking, smoking, and gambling most of the time he was awake. This handkerchief would have helped Doc wipe up any blood, and ordead lung tissue he might have coughed up on his last day of life. Doc was not only a very sick man, he was also a very cultured man. Being cultured might have provoked Doc to wear a handkerchief as a fashion accessory, because rumor has it that although Doc was a mans man, he still liked to look as good as possible no matter where he went. This handkerchief in his eyes may have shown people his intelligent, well educated side. This educated side is a side of ...

Ralph Waldo Emerson
[ view this term paper ]Words: 582 | Pages: 3

... for three years. At the age of 29 he resigned for ministry, partly because of the death of his wife after only 17 months of marriage. In 1835 he married Lydia Jackson and started to lecture. Then in 1836, he helped to start the Transcendental Club. The Transcendental Club was formed for authors that were part of this historical movement. Emerson was a big part of this and practically initiated the entire club. As we know he was already a major part of the movement and know got himself involved more. Many people and ways of life throughout his career including Neoplatonism, the Hindu religion, Plato and even his wife ...

Charles Darwin
[ view this term paper ]Words: 339 | Pages: 2

... were first read for the Plinian Society at that University. He was more interested in geology than theology though. The “Beagle” landed on the Galapagos Islands on September 7th. Darwin collected specimens and other evidence which was later used for his theory of evolution by natural selection. Charles married Emma Wedgewood,a cousin in 1839.His first book, Journal of Researches was published in 1839 as well. Charles and Emma live in England until the end of their lives. He started to write out parts of his theory in 1842-1844 in Vestiges of Natural Creation. Darwin had many volumes of Origin of Species published f ...

[ view this term paper ]Words: 1279 | Pages: 5

... are animate and inanimate : the slave is an animate instrument, intended (like all the instruments of the household) for action, and not for productions." This distinction between action and production, is based upon the understanding that 'production' is a course in which a result is desired beyond the immediate act of doing. Where as, the simple act of completing a task is identified as 'action'. Aristotle, who believed that life was action and not production theorized that slaves were instruments of life and were therefore needed to form a complete household. In fact Aristotle went as far as to say that a slav ...

King Henry Viiii
[ view this term paper ]Words: 696 | Pages: 3

... of policies largely in the hands of his great counselor, Cardinal Wolsey (See Wolsey, Cardinal). By 1527 Henry had made up his mind to get rid of his wife. The only one of Catherine's six children who survived infancy was a sickly girl, the Princess Mary, and it was doubtful whether a woman could succeed to the English throne. Then too, Henry had fallen in love with a lady of the court, Anne Boleyn. When the pope (Clement VII) would not annul his marriage, Henry turned against Wolsey, deprived him of his office of chancellor, and had him arrested on a charge of treason. He then obtained a divorce through ...

Jimmy Carter
[ view this term paper ]Words: 796 | Pages: 3

... of Jimmy Carter’s favorites are: Sports and hobbies - Played Basket ball in Plains High school - Ran cross-country & played under-140 lb. football at Annapolis. - Life-long tennis player - Plays softball, billiards, bowls, fishes, hunts( especially wild turkey, quail, and dove) - Rode a motorcycle before entering politics - To keep in shape, rides a bicycle, jogs, plays tennis. - Dances with Rosalynn - Favorite spectator sport is basketball Breakfast - Orange juice, coffee, fruit, and cereal. Sometimes pancakes. Food - Sirloin steak, medium rare - Any kind of fish or poultry - Corn bre ...

The Health Of President Boris Yeltsin
[ view this term paper ]Words: 289 | Pages: 2

... and surgery will not be required. It will, however, keep Yeltsin in the hospital for at least two to three weeks. The impact Russia has had on the world is astounding. They took the idea of Communism and turned it into a type of government that is still used today. President Boris Yeltsin has played a major role freeing Russia from Communism and still does today. His health could interfere with how the country is run and the whole world would be effected in some way. If Yeltsin was forced to leave office, who knows what kind of person would take his place. With the amount of nuclear weapons Russia has, a bad ...

Biography Of Pocahontas
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1527 | Pages: 6

... a nickname given to her meaning “little wanton” for she was a playful, frolicsome little girl. The settlers believed it to mean “bright stream between two hills.” The Powhatans, were not savages as John Smith would later claim in his General Historie of Virginia...&c. Instead, they were a ceremonious people who greeted important visitors in a formal manner with a large feast and festive dancing. Although they did occasionally put prisoners to death in a public ceremony, it was no more savage than the English customs of public disembowelment of thieves and the burning of women accused of being witches. In ...

Coco Chanel
[ view this term paper ]Words: 1744 | Pages: 7

... destined to be a notable face in the French and global fashion scene. She was given the very fitting middle name of Bonheur, meaning happiness, by a nun in the convent hospital where she was delivered. The young Gabrielle enjoyed being in the company of friends and was always filled with stories, although they were often falsities (Current Biography 1). But there was one story that proved her intent to participate in fashion, and that was the habitual action of cutting up the curtains in the living room to make dresses for her dolls (1). What a magnificent way to prepare for a life of style. In February, 1895, Chanel ...

Beethoven 2
[ view this term paper ]Words: 576 | Pages: 3

... mother got sick so he had to come back home before he met him formally. By the time he came back to Vienna, Mozart had died so Beethoven sought help from Hadyn, another German composer. He became Beethoven’s second mentor and taught him new styles of music. Beethoven did his first shows in Vienna in 1795. He was the first composer that was not supported by wealthy persons; instead Beethoven supported himself with money from selling his music. By 1778, Beethoven started hearing humming and whistling sound in his ears, and it got worse. A few years later, he became completely deaf. Althoug ...

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